Aug 9, 2021

By Paul Tarricone

Want something done? Ask a busy person. Granted, it’s a well-traveled quote bordering on cliché, but it couldn’t be more spot on. Yes, Chip Israel, Steve Rosen, Susannah Gilbard, Jered Widmer (among so many others), I’m talking about you. These are people at the top of the lighting food chain. When I need a quote, some insight or “a favor” for LD+A, I can feel a little guilty approaching them. They’ve done a lot for the IES. Do I want to go to that well yet again? But here’s the rub: these are the folks most likely to respond. With busy people, emails don’t fall into a black hole. There have been instances when their response came between the moment I pushed “send” and when I returned to my desk after refilling the coffee…and it’s not a Grande-sized mug.

In the case of the aforementioned Mr. Israel—a busy man indeed—he came to us to propose a new department in LD+A that would help emerging designers hone their technical skills. And get this, not only did Chip suggest the department, he offered to submit the content images. It’s been running periodically in LD+A under the header “Tools of the Trade” and we’re receiving great comments. No surprise then when a manufacturer asked to include this column in their training materials.

It’s apropos to honor these “doers who get things done” in the August issue, where we recognize not only this year’s crop of Illumination Award design projects but also our IES Medal, Louis B. Marks and Distinguished Service Award recipients who—in addition to their day job—have made it their mission to lend their expertise and time to the Society and profession.

So, to all those so busy they could quietly let that email slide or take a pass on a committee assignment, but don’t, we salute you. You are a model for us all. Now back to work. But feel free to email me.


Paul Tarricone

Paul Tarricone

Paul Tarricone has more 25 years of experience in association and business-to-business publishing, specializing in the engineering, design, construction and facilities management markets. Mr. Tarricone currently serves as Editor and Publisher of Lighting Design + Application,... More info »