Jul 27, 2021

Lighting systems will be part of a Jetsons­-style smart home demo in Las Vegas unveiled by technology company Savant. With views of the Las Vegas strip, the 15,000-sq ft experience center known as Vegas Modern 001 will include dynamic tunable lighting (USAI) that will synchronize lighting color and temperatures to match the natural light from the sun at any time-of-day. To complement the natural light, every room also features motorized shades.

Experience the Las Vegas Smart Home

Naturally, smart residential lighting also calls for an app. For quick control, scenes can be created on the Savant app and saved to any keypad button in the house. The keypads can also be configured to help set the mood, enhancing the entertainment experience to activate full color lighting. The Savant app will also track daily energy production as well as usage, with a full history log by load type.