Jun 15, 2016

Gateway Report on OLEDs in Office SettingDetails Pluses and Minuses

The U.S. Department of Energy has released a report on the first Gateway demonstration involving OLED lighting. Aurora Lighting Design, Inc., in Grayslake, IL, installed Acuity Brands’ Trilia OLED lighting system in September 2014. The new report recounts the experiences of this pioneering project and provides valuable feedback to OLED and component manufacturers as well as luminaire manufacturers.

Among the successes:

Among the challenges and complications:

OLED lighting is in its infancy compared to LED lighting, but the architectural market is taking notice. If OLEDs continue to increase in efficacy, longevity, size and flexibility, designers and engineers will have a new tool for creative and effective lighting.

For the complete findings, download the full report.