Dec 11, 2017
IALD/LIRC Guidelines
Guidelines For Specification Integrity

The IALD and LIRC have released the 2017 Pilot Edition of the Guidelines for Specification Integrity. These guidelines are designed to help address a perennial challenge in the process of creating the built environment: how to ensure that what is designed is what is built.

While there is no substitute for the grit and determination of a designer who is defending a design, these materials comprise a set of tools for use by designers of all experience levels. The checklists, tips, and references in the pilot edition include a variety of methods and techniques to protect specifications. In addition, the materials include a section outlining the major phases of a construction project, threats to specifications that are likely to be found at each phase, and recommended steps to address these threats.

“Specification Integrity” refers to the importance of maintaining the lighting designer’s original specification throughout the process of establishing a final project budget, retaining contractors and suppliers, and completing construction. A strong specification helps ensure that the finished project realizes the original intent of the design. Whether designers need to review the basics or are seeking more depth in the topic, we recommend using the references linked throughout the guidelines as need dictates.

To make the document as easy to use as possible, the guidelines are offered as an online, downloadable publication with internal links and references. Moreover, the IALD and the LIRC intend the materials to evolve and improve over time.

The pilot edition is a starting point for “crowdsourcing” improvements to the document: as you read, please share any additional checklists, examples, stories, or suggestions from your practice. Ideas and submissions for additions should be sent to IALD Public Policy consultant John Martin at [email protected].

Read more about the Guidelines at Download the interactive guidelines: