Feb 12, 2020
Photo: Courtesy of Forum Groningen

The original design for the Netherlands’ newly opened Forum Groningen—described by NL architects as a “cultural department store” for the city of Groningen—called for 1,500 fluorescent luminaires….but that was in 2007.

By 2015, when the design team was finally ready to specify lighting for the interior of the 45-meter (148-ft) tall structure, the initial concept had become outdated. LEDs were better suited for the space, which is meant to unite various cultural facilities—including the city’s library, two exhibit spaces, five cinemas, restaurants and retail—into one cohesive, living room-like atmosphere for the community.

To that end, more than 1,000 tunable-white luminaires (TDE-lighttech) were specified across the interior of the 10-story mixed-use complex. The LED upgrade maintains the linear nature of the original fluorescent design while improving sustainability. The fixtures also produce effects that wouldn’t have been possible using fluorescent luminaires, with an eldoLED control system enabling the system to be dimmed to 0.1% and providing continuous dynamic adjustment of the light from 2500K to 4000K throughout the day.