May 1, 2019

ZhagaThe Zhaga Consortium and the IoT Ready Alliance have joined forces, aligning their efforts to proceed as a single organization under the Zhaga Consortium. The objective of the combined program is to foster a harmonized, global set of interface specifications for sensor-to-luminaire integration, thereby removing confusion in the industry and easing adoption.

The move follows the NEW Zhaga’s December 2018 launch with a widened scope of work to address growth areas in IoT and the service economy. The NEW Zhaga focuses on interoperability and addresses interfaces for smart components such as sensors and communication modules. “The best way forward was to capitalize on the breadth of the NEW Zhaga, to encourage them to carry the standard forward and to dissolve the IoT Ready Alliance with the intent that its members join Zhaga,” said IoT Ready Alliance President Neeraj Purandare.

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