May 1, 2019

John Bachner
John Bachner
John Bachner, founder and executive director of the National Lighting Bureau (NLB), is stepping down after 43 years. Bachner will be replaced by Randy Reid, editor of the EdisonReport. “In the past 43 years, John has accomplished more success promoting the quality of light than anyone I have ever met,” stated Reid. “Most lighting organizations do a great job of talking to each other—all within the industry. John focused the NLB’s efforts on the end user executive, who has the authority to make the best overall lighting decision.”

Bachner started the NLB in 1976 in response to the energy crises. His initial goal was to focus less on energy consumption and more on quality of light. Throughout his career, Bachner has published hundreds of press releases, magazine articles and handbooks on High-Benefit Lighting.

Bachner will receive the EdisonReport’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Philadelphia on May 20th during LIGHTFAIR 2019. Tickets are available at

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