Mar 6, 2019
Burj Khalifa
Photo: Oneinchpunch/Shutterstock

The centerpiece of Dubai’s annual New Year’s celebration, a 770-meter (2,526-ft) LED screen running up the east side of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, has established a new Guinness World Record for the “largest laser light and sound show on a single structure.” Designed by SACO and 3S Lighting Solutions, the initiative took six months to conceptualize and install and includes over 28 kilometers (17 miles) of SACO’s V-Stick linear light fixtures, as well as a bespoke stainless-steel bracket concealed within the building’s architectural fins. Six different mounting angles ensure the display remains visible for onlookers around the city without disrupting the hotel’s guests and residents.

At 828 meters (2,716 ft) high, the Burj Khalifa—owned and operated by real estate developer EMAAR Properties Dubai—is the tallest building in the world. The entire project is run on a single video processor and the screen includes high-resolution video capability across the height of the tower. The new system has been permanently mounted and offers 20 times more resolution than the previous one.

This appeared in the March issue of LD+A