May 1, 2019

LIGHTFAIR’s 2019 program offers more than 170 hours of accredited educational options covering a broad spectrum of topics. Highlights from this year’s agenda, organized by day, include:

Tuesday, May 21 / Daylight Modeling

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, University of Oregon, Daniel Glaser, LightStanza, Tim Metcalfe, EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc., and Matthew Tanteri, HLB Lighting Design, will offer perspectives on why daylight analysis is relevant in an electrical lighting context. The speakers will discuss key elements for modeling sunlight when analyzing a building, as well as radical concepts in daylight metrics, glare, big data, dynamic blinds/glass and circadian rhythm.

Patient Feedback

Andrea Wilkerson, PNNL, Craig Casey, Lutron, and Lauri Tredinnick, Pivotal Lighting/Affiliated Engineers, will discuss the University of Kentucky’s new 72-bed neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), featuring an advanced lighting system that adjusts in color and intensity throughout the day. Completed surveys by the staff and families in both the old and new NICU will be shared and responses to lighting questions will be reviewed with a focus on programmed functionality and color-tuning capability.

Design Control

Dawn Hollingsworth, Darkhorse Lightworks, LLC, will discuss how designers can take charge of executing their lighting design—from initial specification through final delivery of the creative intent. Topics to be covered include lighting control systems, protocols, devices and wiring topographies, along with examples of documentation and communication techniques.

Wednesday, May 22 / Tuning for Health

George Brainard, Thomas Jefferson University, Jill Klores, Essential Light Design Studio, LLC, and Paul Pickard, Ecosense Lighting, will explore current challenges and discuss new paradigms needed to dramatically alter our understanding and care for the human body through the medium of light.

Data Crossroads

Alex Pappas-Kalber and Francesca Bastianini of Sighte Studio will discuss the Gowanus Lighting Atlas (GLA) and its ongoing research and analysis of lighting conditions in Gowanus, Brooklyn. By collecting quantitative and qualitative data sets through mapping, measuring, photographing and interviewing inhabitants, the GLA builds a collection of lighting-related data that will be correlated with other data sets (land use, demographics, architectural conditions, tree coverage, etc.) to reveal a new understanding of the role of light in the nighttime urban environment.

Industrial Horticulture

Neil Yorio of BIOS Lighting will discuss horticultural lighting for industrial applications, with an overview of factors growers look for in LED lighting systems for controlled-environment agriculture, as well as specification tips and information on developing standards.

Thursday, May 23 / Energy Codes

Kelly Cunningham, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Harold Jepsen, Legrand, will present a roadmap for commercial building codes in 2019 by explaining upcoming lighting-control requirements and changes and offering recommendations to simplify controls for code compliance.

Media Meets Architecture

Shaun Fillion, New York School of Interior Design & RAB Lighting, Pablo N. Molina, Mode Studios, Tiemen Rapati, Local Projects, and Suzan Tillotson, Tillotson Design Associates, are among the panelists who will explore cross-platform collaboration and design for today’s built environment, where technological advancements are merging digital and architectural spaces and redefining relationships between occupants and spaces.

Legal Contracts

Eliot Wagonheim of Wagonheim Law will explain how to use legal contracts as business development tools; create documents that align with your core values rather than fight against them; and fill in holes in your current contracts to get paid and reduce risk.