May 1, 2019

Tuesday, May 21: Dilworth Park Evening Exploration
Arup Lighting has been working with a large design team for several years to redesign Dilworth Park’s public areas, with Center City District (CCD). With new lighting, water fountain and Janet Echelman’s “Pulse” fog and light-art piece, this project covered all aspects of public lighting from general illumination through dynamic DMX controlled artistic illumination.

Wednesday, May 22: Dinner & Tour of the Liacouras Center: LED Sports Lighting at Temple University sponsored by EATON
Solid-state sports lighting is here! The needs and demands of sports venues, both outdoor and indoor, continue to evolve with technology and societal demand for enhanced experiences, safety of players, green initiatives, controls and monitoring, and budgetary considerations related to life-cycle costs including maintenance. Participants will come away with an in-depth knowledge on a project that is one of the busiest arenas in the world for a venue of its size—seating for 10,200.