Mar 7, 2019

NAILDThe National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD) has announced its Lighting Specialist-Controls (LS-C) training program for industry professionals. The brand-neutral education aims to help specifiers, designers and distributors with a comprehensive look into the world of lighting control. Divided into four modules, the course uses an online format and covers the following topics:

It is also supported by a workbook, hands-on activities, online quizzes and a final exam. Pricing is discounted for NAILD, IMARK and NEMRA members.

“The U.S. Department of Energy predicts by 2030, one-third of all LED energy savings will come from lighting controls,” says Cory Schneider, LC, president of NAILD and CEO of Lighting Unlimited. “Controls are poised to be a booming part of the lighting industry; however, there’s a real need in the industry for more education about controls, how they work, how to specify them and how to sell them. We developed LS-C training to equip industry professionals for the future of lighting.”

NAILD also offers Lighting Specialist-I (LS-I) and Lighting Specialist-II (LS-II) certifications. LS-I is a prerequisite to LS-C. Interested parties can register for any of the Lighting Specialist courses at