Feb 11, 2019

Lutron Electronics announced in January its acquisition of the Limelight wireless outdoor lighting control system created by Michigan-based, strategic innovation firm Twisthink and its partner company, TwistHDM.

Limelight is a wireless lighting control solution for outdoor and industrial facilities that provides remote control and management, saves energy and enhances facility safety. Its wireless fixture-level control architecture may also help ensure code compliance and streamlines the specification and design process.

In May, Lutron and TwistHDM announced a relationship that established Limelight by Lutron, adding a wireless exterior lighting control offering to Lutron’s wide-ranging product line, which historically focused on interior controls and automated shading solutions. This acquisition of the Limelight assets is a new, exciting chapter for the two companies’ alliance, says Scott Hanna, senior vice president. “The purchase of Limelight is the logical next step in the relationship between Lutron and TwistHDM. Acquiring Limelight offers the potential for an even wider range of IoT solutions.”