Mar 26, 2021

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published NEMA LL 10-2020 Replacing HID Lamps with LED Lamps: Light Output Equivalency Claims. This new standard assists manufacturers in preparing HID equivalency claims for LED products replacing HID lamps.

“The standard provides a basis for manufacturers of LED replacements for HID lamps to claim light output equivalency to HID lamps. It also provides a means for customers to verify manufacturer equivalency claims,” says Jim Gaines, Signify North America Corporation and chair of the NEMA Light Source Technical Committee. “It solves the problem of manufacturers making different claims of equivalency for products with the same luminous flux, which has led to confusion for customers and an uneven playing field for manufacturers.” NEMA LL 10-2020 is available for purchase on the NEMA website.