Mar 28, 2019

NEMA GRID MOD R1-2018The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA GRID MOD R1-2018 Reviewing the Business Case and Cost Recovery for Grid Modernization Investments. This new report:

  1. Reviews the experience with grid modernization investments to date,
  2. Summarizes how grid modernization has benefitted customers and utilities, and
  3. Documents cost recovery mechanisms and business cases related to these investments.

“Grid modernization efforts are taking place in many states across the country, each with its own priorities, such as improved resilience,” said Brian Marchionini, NEMA staff lead for the Grid Modernization Strategic Initiative. “Most utilities are willing to undertake grid modernization projects provided they achieve timely cost recovery. An increasing number of regulators are willing to consider alternative regulatory models to enable these projects and broader utility innovation.”

During the past decade, several utilities and commissions across the U.S. have made investments in new grid technologies, tools, and techniques to modernize the electric grid. This document provides opportunities for utilities and their regulators who are contemplating similar investments in learning from the experience of early adopters. 

NEMA GRID MOD R1-2018 is available for $100 in hard copy and electronic download on the NEMA website.