Aug 13, 2018

The opening plenary session, “Healthy Light: What Do We Know That We Can Apply Now?” featured a panel including three researchers and a practitioner, moderated by Naomi Miller of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The panel debated whether the shorthand term “circadian lighting” is appropriate; emphasized the need for evidence-based assertions (not hype); and spoke of how end-user clients latch on to the “buzz” of light and wellness before truly understanding the cost implications of tunable light, etc.

One loaded word—“dose”—took center stage as researchers Mariana Figueiro, Jennifer Veitch and George Brainard discussed whether the lighting profession should use this term in regards to lighting. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words: A graphic illustrator sponsored by Eaton created this image in real time to synthesize the comments from the panelists.

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