Nov 6, 2018

The TALQ Consortium organized the first “plug fest” to verify interoperability of multiple smart city sensors and controllers with Central Management Software (CMS) from various vendors.

Thirteen TALQ member companies attended a developers’ workshop and plug fest event to test implementations of TALQ version 2.0 against each other. Each of the tested CMS could successfully control each Smart City Network and Gateway, demonstrating that interoperability looks set to become the standard in Smart City projects. The official TALQ version 2.0 certification program is expected to be ready by March 2019 to allow cities to include TALQ certification as a requirement in their tenders.

Cities require interoperability between smart city products from various vendors to avoid being locked in by proprietary systems. They may also need several smart city vertical apps to be controlled within a single central management software. That’s why the TALQ Consortium developed the Smart City Protocol to unify systems from multiple suppliers addressing a range of smart city use cases. Thanks to the TALQ Version 2.0 smart city protocol, cities are now able to select devices and networks from multiple vendors and control them through a single CMS. TALQ has also developed a certification program to guarantee interoperability for cities.