Jul 15, 2016

Global Efficiency Medal SEAD AwardThe Clean Energy Ministerial’s Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative announces its sixth international competition to recognize the world’s most energy-efficient industrial and outdoor lighting products.

SEAD’s Global Efficiency Medal will advance efficiency improvements in lighting by:

Global Efficiency Medals will be awarded in two categories: (1) high and low bay luminaires, and (2) street lighting luminaires, sold across Europe, India and North America. Past competitions followed a winner-take-all approach. However, for this competition, in addition to recognizing the winning products, all entrants that meet the competition’s minimum criteria will receive recognition. Winners are expected to be announced and honored at a global awards ceremony in May or June 2017.

Manufacturers are invited to review the Official Competition Rules and start preparing for the nomination process. The nomination period is expected to open on September 12. For more information about the competition, visit the ’Lighting Awards’ webpage.