Apr 8, 2020

Stockholm Joins TALQ Consortium
Photo: Lennart Johansson/TALQ Consortium
The City of Stockholm has joined the TALQ Consortium via its Partner Program, created to address municipalities, utilities, consultants, research centers and others that are interested in details of the Consortium’s Specification but will not be placing products on the market.

The TALQ Specification defines an open software protocol that can be implemented in different devices used in outdoor lighting networks and other smart-city applications to ensure the devices understand each other. Compliance allows cities to select from a variety of interoperable systems for their individual smart-city concepts and still be open and prepared for further extensions.

“The City of Stockholm has been looking into a new control system for some years, but due to the lack of appropriate standards the work has been slow,” says Björn Lindelöf, a lighting engineer for the City of Stockholm Transport Department. “Now we can see the market maturing and standards grow stronger, one of which is TALQ. Therefore, we chose to have TALQ support as one of our requirements in procuring a central management software for a lighting pilot.”

For Stockholm, Lindelöf adds, flexibility is key. “As a city with a large installation we see that it’s crucial for the long-term maintenance to build a system that is modular and flexible. For us that means no vendor lock ins and that the building blocks are independent from each other.”