Dec 3, 2018

Temple University recently upgraded to new outdoor lighting on its high-rise buildings with LED fixtures. Manufactured by ZLedLighting, the 300-W luminaires replace 1000-W metal halide units, as part of a university-wide sustainability program. The shoebox-style fixtures are expected to reduce energy use by 74%, worth approximately $40,000 per year.

“This project was about decreasing the university’s carbon footprint by the reduction in about 750,000 kilowatts from the national grid and reduced CO2 emissions,” said Jon Perper, founder of ZLedLighting. “This not only provides energy savings but also the same safe and well-illuminated environment around campus.”

Adds Kurt Bresser, director of facilities & energy management at Temple University, “The success of Temple’s Climate Action Plan depends on projects like this. We need a lot more of them to reach our goals.”