Apr 10, 2018

Three Major League Baseball teams—the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies and Kansas City Royals (Kauffman Stadium pictured)—have introduced new LED lighting systems as the season gets underway. Using luminaires and controls from Musco, the projects aim to enhance the fan experience, improve on-field visibility for players and umpires, and conserve energy.

Uniform light distribution across the field is a key factor in the application, as well as glare control to prevent fly balls from being lost in the lights. For fans, the system’s DMX integration allows individual fixtures to synchronize with music to create light shows. Fans watching on TV also will see a difference—the new systems were custom designed for each stadium’s unique field layout, utilizing multi-zone aiming to reduce harsh shadows and improve light uniformity for better broadcast results.

“You’re going to see more professional and college venues make the move to LED, and when it’s applied right it can bring impressive possibilities,” said Jeff Rogers, vice president of Musco.