Jun 15, 2011

Much has been publicized about the upcoming incandescent lamp phase-out starting in January 2012 (and already started in California this year). The mainstream media, however, sometimes spins these stories more toward the reader’s emotions than toward the facts. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story, as the saying goes.

Enter LUMEN—to the rescue.

The appropriately titled LUMEN—Lighting Understanding for a More Educated Nation—is a consortium of organizations and professionals united to facilitate consumer education about the more energy-efficient options available when the 100-W incandescent goes away. It is headed by the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

Thus far, LUMEN has largely focused on two areas: the Retail Education Committee works with retailers and other organizations to develop point-of-sale educational materials and educate employees; the Mass Media Education Committee is concentrating on public relations/media outreach, while a Media Relations Task Force monitors media stories, blogs, etc., and corrects any misinformation or missed information (i.e., the “quick response” team).

Bob Horner, director of public policy for the IES, which is a member of the consortium, notes that it’s up to the industry to prepare John and Jane Q. Public for what’s ahead in 2012. “It is important that the general public be aware of this upcoming deadline and also understand the several choices they will have when the standard incandescent 100-W lamp is no longer available.”

For more information or to participate, go to the ASE website: www.ase.org