LD+A’s Marketplace section offers new product announcements, award-winning products (LFI Innovation Awards) from LIGHTFAIR and a recap of our annual Progress Report and LD+A Lighting Equipment + Accessories Directory issues.

2017 Innovation Awards

2017 Innovation Awards

2017 Progress Report

2017 Progress Report
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April 2018 Marketplace

  • Lumenpulse

    Lumenpulse introduces the Lumencentro, its new core light engine technology. The Lumencentro uses Lumencool technology and has a photometric performance of up to 130 lumens per watt using a Clearsite lens. It possesses an integrated backlight shield for greater control of light distribution and is available in Lumenpulse’s Allegra, Pure and Steele product families where it offers features including six color temperatures, multiple optical distributions and more.
  • EnOcean

    EnOcean announces its wireless self-powered Easyfit LED controls for various open standards. Based on a 902-MHz frequency, the controls enable simple commissioning, intelligent local control and seamless integration with building automation systems. They can be added to existing buildings during an upgrade to LED lighting and are included in the DLC Qualified Product List. Easyfit controls are supported by Navigan software.
  • Wave Illumination

    Wave Illumination announces the WaveGo, a handheld device that can be paired with a smartphone to measure absolute irradiance, lux, color temperature, color rendering, TM30, Melanopic lux and PAR. The device uses a miniature spectrometer with 3-nanometer optical resolution for accurate light measurement in the 350-800 nanometer wavelength range, from 1-1,000,000 lux. Results include a GPS location tag for tracking measurement sites. Data can be saved locally, viewed and exported via email.
  • Fulham

    Fulham announces its universal voltage DirectAC LED Engine and Retrofit Kit. The LED driver is integrated on the circuit board and allows for a low profile that can now be installed in any setting. The engine can support power ratings from 120 to 277 volts. It is suitable for open and closed luminaires with or without plastic or glass lenses. Engines are available in 10-W, 15-W, 23-W and 34-W round configurations as well as a 15-W, 4 by 7-in. rectangular configuration. www.fulham.com
  • Nichia

    Nichia launches Optisolis, its new white LED. Aimed at museum and art gallery applications, Optisolis achieves ultra high CRI and is made using Nichia’s blue chip and phosphor technology. Compared to other light sources, Optisolis can reduce the degradation of irradiated materials, as its UV emission is essentially non-existent. Additional applications can include color evaluation, commercial lighting and use anywhere ultra high CRI is preferred.
  • Foreverlamp

    Foreverlamp announces the new J Series as an expansion of its current LED lamp series. With a fan-less cooling system, the J Series works as an LED replacement for up to 400-W MHz lamps operating in harsh industrial environments where oil, dust and dampness can be problematic for lighting fixtures. It is available in Uplight/Downlight and Downlight only and is designed to work with existing magnetic ballasts and sockets. At 400 watts, the J Series delivers up to 21,000 lumens.
  • Eaton

    Eaton launches its RSA MRZ family of architectural recessed multi-head LED luminaires. The family is designed to provide accent, wall wash and ambient lighting. The luminaires can include Eaton’s WaveLinx or LumaWatt Pro sensors and have options for one, two, three or four integral LED head configurations. They also have the option for three optical distributions including 25 deg (narrow flood), 40 deg (flood) and 55 deg (wide flood). Each adjustable fixture head allows for 45-deg tilt and 365-deg rotation.
  • Hubbell

    Hubbell Control Solutions introduces the PowerHUBB, a Power over Ethernet lighting and control platform aimed at making buildings smarter and more energy efficient. The platform integrates luminaires, sensors, user interfaces and software to support building owners who use IoT through a digital ceiling platform. The PowerHUBB can be used on a scale ranging from basic lighting control to advanced cloud-based analytics. It can be installed by low voltage installers.
  • Nora Lighting

    Nora Lighting announces PRISM, a smart LED RGBW retrofit downlight capable of creating unique lighting atmospheres by changing the color of light, the Kelvin temperature and/or the light intensity. Bluetooth technology allows users to adjust lighting affects through the PRISM handheld remote or the ControLIT app, which can be downloaded onto Apple and Android devices. The downlight is programmable from 2700K to 4000K on the white color setting and includes thousands of RGBW color options.
  • ALW

    ALW announces its Superplane 4 Recessed LED luminaire, capable of providing seamless illumination at up to 250 ft. Featuring ALW’s ControlRoll Optics roll-out/snap-in lens, the luminaire can provide uninterrupted lines of light at lengths of two to five times longer than similarly lensed luminaires. It offers options of 300-1,200 delivered lumens and glare-free illumination with a UGR rating of 10-in. standard applications.
  • Cree

    Cree introduces the XLamp XD16 LED, its first Extreme Density LED. Its lumen density of over 284 lumens per sq millimeter is up to five and a half times higher than Cree’s previous highpower LEDs and the highest reached by a commercially available lighting-class LED. The XD16 is available in ANSI White and EasyWhite 3- or 5-step color temperatures and includes CRI options of 70, 80 and 90.
  • Urban Solar

    Urban Solar introduces its next-generation PV-Stop, its solar-powered bus stop light. The updated stand-alone lighting system for bus stops includes a new LED driver design to allow double the light output of the previous generation. The PV-Stop is available in a 5-W and 10-W design with manual or automatic LED activation. It includes5000K LEDs and custom branding options for agencies and cities looking to increase safety and efficiency at bus stops.
  • Innermost

    Innermost introduces the Brixton Spot Pendant for direct downward accent or subtle ambient interior light. Inspired by the octagonal turrets that appear on Victorian architecture in London,the pendant is designed to reference the suggestion of wealth and power conveyed by octagonal forms as far back as medieval times. The light is available in three sizes (4.5 in., 8 in. and 19 in.) and comes in three finish options (gloss white,anodized copper and graphite).