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2017 Innovation Awards

2017 Innovation Awards

2017 Progress Report

2017 Progress Report
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December 2017 Marketplace

  • Molto Luce Lighting introduces the Lamella pendant. The decorative aluminium pendant features three dimensions and a matte finish in black, white, gold brown or dark red, and precision laser cut aluminum blades. It also has shade effects through and between the blades and a white canopy.
  • Felix Lighting has announced the expansion of their rental inventory of ProPlex Devices and cables. In addition to their ProPlex IQ Two 1616 and 416 Nodes, Opto-Splitters, hundreds of Ethernet cables and ten runs of ProPlex Fibre cable, nine EZ-LANs form the heart of Felix’s portable networking systems.
  • Seoul Semiconductor offers its Horticultural Series LEDs in COB, midpower and high-power packages. The family also includes Seoul’s SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs, producing illumination that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight. The series includes multiple ultraviolet bands (UV-A, UV-B & UV-C), and far-red bands (~700nm to 800nm). This is designed to give horticultural lighting designers the ability to develop the widest range of sources beneficial for plants and vegetables indoors.
  • Apure launches the Minus LED lighting fixture designed by Porsche Design Studio. With an ultra-thin profile for minimal recess and an almost imperceptible aperture, the fixture is designed to enable higher ceilings and architectural flexibility. Minus includes precision optics for even distribution of light without glare, and is available in a round or square finish. Beam angle options include 20 deg or 40 deg and color temperature options include2700K, 3000K and 4000K.
  • Acclaim Lighting announces its new universal dimming module. The module is a multi-protocol driver. It is designed to allow conversions between popular control protocols that allow for maximum control flexibility and integration with fixtures. The module can intake a voltage of 1,000 watts at 120VAC or 2,000 watts at 240VAC, while outputting 100-277VAC or 50/60 Hz via TRIAC. AC options include 90-277AC pass through while using DMX to allow power output to fixtures.
  • Litetronics introduces its new family of LED RetroFit Flat Panel Kits. Designed to upgrade standard fluorescent troffer fixtures to flat panel technology, the kits are offered in 2 by 2 (29 W) and 2 by 4 (39W) formats. They are ideal for healthcare settings, offices, warehouses, retail establishments and schools, and feature a profile measuring 1.44-in. in height. www.litetronics.com
  • Bulbrite Industries announces its LED All-In-One Downlight. Designed to make the installation of recessed lighting easier and less expensive, it gets rid of the need to install a can before mounting a separate flood lamp. It also features an integrated J-Box, so no connection to an external J-Box or E26 Adaptor is needed. www.bulbrite.com
  • Fulham offers new emergency fluorescent ballasts and new square-head emergency exit lights for retrofits and new construction. The latest CEC Title 20 compliant units include the FireHorse 7 (FH7-UNV- 500L-CEC) universal voltage emergency electronic fluorescent ballast and the FireHorse FHEM16 series of adjustable square-head LED emergency lights. www.fulham.com
  • WAC Landscape Lighting introduces new LED Landscape Path Lights. They include The Ledge and Balance Styles, which are designed for creating an entry by outlining a walkway or pathway. The Ledge LED Path Light features a linear design that is designed to blend into pathways and provide soft, even illumination. The Balance LED Path Light provides downlight from its etched lens.