Mar 8, 2022

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Sponsored By: PureEdge

Location: Rippowam Club
600 Washington Blvd., Stamford, CT
Lighting System: Pipeline Modular Suspension
Rep Agency: Illuminations, Inc., Philadelphia
Architect: Tantillo Architecture

As part of amenity renovations to an existing eleven story building, the Rippowam Club was the result of a dramatic renovation of the fifth floor, which had previously been a commercial kitchen. The design team decided to capitalize on exterior views of lush foliage along an exterior terrace while embracing the industrial aesthetic of exposed structure and overhead utilities.

Tantillo Architecture selected the Pipeline Modular Suspension system to illuminate the space, creating an architectural feature that spanned across the entire fitness area. Pipeline Modular Suspension has an industrial vibe paired with simplistic elegance. This lighting system was selected by Tantillo Architecture early in the design process. With its decision to remove suspended acoustical ceilings and expose the existing structure above, the design team had to contend with a large run of ductwork extending overhead, bisecting the space. The solution to this problem was to configure the modular lighting system with dropped center sections in order to accommodate the ductwork. This articulation of the Pipeline system underneath all ductwork and existing pipes reinforced the industrial look of the ceiling while creating a sculptural lighting effect.

Pipeline Modular Suspension
Anytime a space has exposed structures with existing beams, ductwork, conduit, sprinkler piping, etc., one has to consider how to incorporate lighting solutions in a cohesive way while maintaining maximum ceiling height. Pipeline Modular Suspension allowed us to work around everything”. — Christopher Tantillo, Principal, Tantillo Architecture
The layout and pattern of the pipeline lighting system is easy to configure and install due to its plug-and-play connectors. Illuminations, Inc. was able to generate lighting calculations from PureEdge and incorporate dimmable LEDs controllable in unison. This was important to the client in order to easily adjust lighting for the time of day.
“When you look at open ceilings, you’ll notice that everything is mostly round, yet traditional lighting is square. I designed Pipeline to give designers another option. Pipeline is a flexible, plug-and-play system and can scale walls and turn corners…it’s an ideal lighting system for designers looking for an industrial-looking lighting system that can be customized to fit their needs”. — Gregory Kay, CEO, PureEdge Lighting
Pipeline Modular Suspension
Pipeline Modular Suspension