Jun 2, 2022

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Sponsored by: PureEdge Lighting

Location: APEX Office Building, San Diego, CA
Lighting System: TruLine 1A
Lighting Designer: Diane Borys, Principal, Noctiluca Lighting Design and Consulting
Interior Designer: ID Studios, Inc.
Rep Agency: SDLA
Contractor: Pacific Building Group
Electrical Engineer Firm: H+W Engineering

TruLine 1AA renovation initiative brought together a group of talented designers whose task was to ‘re-image’ the interior of the APEX Office Buildings in San Diego.

This existing business park and its common areas such as hallways, stairwells and lobby spaces, needed a face lift…something clean, modern, and attractive to new tenants. Lighting was a dramatic component to this interior update and TruLine was one of the lighting systems chosen to light the space and make an impression.

The interior design firm, ID Studios, Inc., created a vision that incorporated architectural lines of beautiful linear lighting and worked with lighting designer, Diane Borys, Principal of Noctiluca Lighting Design and Consulting, to bring those concepts to life. She chose TruLine due to its nature of recessing into 5/8” drywall for a clean and flawless finish. She believed that TruLine was the best linear lighting solution that best represented the concept while also maintaining the buildings existing fire ratings. The biggest challenge she faced was finding a linear lighting product that could join walls to ceilings and staying continuously lit for a fluid aesthetic. These angles were all unique due to inconsistent wall-to-ceiling angles throughout the office space. TruLine was custom cut during production for every angle requested without issue.

A big advantage to designing with TruLine is its ability to install without any modification to joists or wall studs. Because the office walls were fire rated, and no modification was needed to the existing structure, the lighting was installed and the fire rating was still intact.TruLine, a recessed plaster-in 5/8” drywall linear lighting system, is a patented, architectural lighting solution and a designer favorite as it allows the drywall to be your canvas, illuminating walls and ceilings with beautiful lines, angles and unique patterns.

In redefining the relationship between Lighting and Interior Design, TruLine blends seamlessly into the drywall, becoming part of the architecture. The slim extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are field-cuttable and ordered in 1-foot increments (up to 40 feet before re-feeding). Multiple runs of channel mount flawlessly together providing smooth and glare-free general illumination from ½” to 1.6” wide, using designer-grade color rendering LEDs (95+ CRI) with no visible diodes. PureEdge outshines the competition with TruLine’s ability to create evenly lit Xs, Ts and custom angles, and can easily join the wall and ceiling together.

I designed TruLine to be another tool in a designer’s tool belt. I want them to be able to paint lines of light on a wall or ceiling...the drywall is a blank canvas brought to life with lighting. I’ve made it easy for designers to order custom cut lengths and angles, joining walls and ceilings together, and to install easily onsite without issue. The possibilities are endless with TruLine...

— Gregory Kay, CEO, PureEdge Lighting