May 2, 2022

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Sponsored by: PureEdge Lighting

Location: Olympus Condominiums
Lighting System: Lazer Line Suspension
Lighting Designer: Chad Rothe, Owner, Lightform Lighting

Electrical Sub-Contractor: James Smith with ALI / Artistic Lighting Installs

For a mid-century modern multi-family condo complex featuring unique architectural elements, an average lighting system would not do it justice. Chad Rothe, owner of Lightform Lighting in Scottsdale, Arizona, knew this particular residential space needed beautifully understated, modern architectural lighting. Lazer Line, a suspended linear line of LED light, was selected to span from wall-to-wall, illuminating the space.

The clients wanted new lighting that complemented their love of mid-century modern design and the beautiful arched ceilings…a unique feature to the home that Chad knew he had to accentuate. They wanted to replace their older lighting with LED lighting that had a clean, discreet, and architectural look. Chad had Lazer Line displayed in his showroom and knew how phenomenal the uplight and downlight feature would draw the eye up to the ceiling arches while also illuminating the living space.

Lazer Line is easily controlled and dimmable to give the most flexibility to the home owner and their lighting preferences. Chad and his team installed 3 Lazer Lines, connected by turnbuckles, and spanning from wall-to-wall which provided more than enough functional task lighting. The finished installation is the perfect combination of linear light, clean lines, and contemporary design.

“Using Lazer Line in a residence gives a cutting-edge appeal, one that I really enjoy seeing come to life. I designed Lazer Line to give the designer flexibility when lighting a space. This install is inspirational and an excellent example of modern architectural lighting” said Gregory Kay, Owner and CEO of PureEdge Lighting.

The design aesthetic of this beautiful home was calling for a lighting system as clean and modern as the entire space. Average lighting was not an option here, we needed something exceptional

— Chad Rothe