Jan 7, 2022

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Sponsored by: PureEdge Lighting

Location: Ripple Offices
Lighting System: TruLine
Specifier: Sixteen5hundred Lighting
Designer: Michael Pattinson Formerly President/Principal of BSA Architects Currently Founder and Principal, Modus

This office renovation required many layers of design expertise. Architectural lighting was a big component to the finished space, one that designer Michael Pattinson, President and Principal of BSA Architects at the time, took a deeper approach to in visually communicating what Ripple was all about: connections.

Ripple, a global currency exchange and financial transaction company, connects customers with currency infrastructure. Their new office in San Francisco was a renovation project within an old historic building. The design direction from the client was to create a space that conveys their brand, the service they provide, and company growth. Lines and dots that connected together were used to graphically create the effect of interconnectivity between banks and financial institutions, portraying how financial transactions could be transmitted safely and directly between them.

Lighting played a big part in communicating their vision. TruLine was brilliantly used to convey connectivity by creating lines of light on the ceiling and walls. It was chosen due to its convenient plaster-in 5/8” drywall installation and ability to create Ts, Xs, and custom angles while staying uniformly lit.

“My passion has always been the design of workplace interiors where I can bring my varied experience and background to create exciting spaces.” – Michael Pattinson

Michael designed the lines of light to start at the floor and travel up walls in several directions and across ceilings into the open office. The lines of light also lead the eye from the reception area to the open office, linking people and spaces together. The stairs and lobby were key areas that needed to be well-lit due to the lack natural daylight.

The lighting had to be sleek, elegant, and architecturally complement the building, furnishings and finishes. Michael partnered with 16500, a well-known lighting agency in California, to renovate and illuminate this beautiful office space. Not only was TruLine used, PureEdge’s Cirrus Suspension Channel was utilized in the halls for added illumination. The need for bright, functional yet aesthetic light, was crucial due to the building’s existing exposed brick and perimeter windows, which made the inner office space feel dark.

“We are a designer’s company, and the wall and ceiling is a blank canvas to create truly unique lighting using our TruLine recessed, plaster-in lighting system. It is always inspiring to see how designers paint with light and execute the client’s vision. We think this project is inspiring and are excited to share it,” – Gregory Kay, CEO, PureEdge Lighting.

About the Author:
PureEdge Lighting, founded in Chicago by Gregory Kay in 2004, manufactures architectural, low-voltage LED lighting systems for indoor and outdoor spaces that empower you to not only design your space, but also the fixtures you envision. Modern, innovative, and completely customizable, PureEdge Lighting creates architectural lighting solutions influenced by simplicity and elegance based on the principle that light affects human emotion. PureEdge is known for class 2 wiring, low-voltage lighting systems that are easy to install. PureEdge has a strong presence in hospitality, residential, healthcare, and retail.