Dec 3, 2021

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Hollywood Theatre Interior. Clint Eastwood Bar. Photo: Shot By Solo

Your project is more than just products — it’s about having the right people on your team to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Your project is more than just products — it’s about having the right people on your team to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our team lives and breathes A/V, so you can count on us to help you find the right solution, every step of the way.

Case Study: Hollywood Theatre

The Brief:

Supplying A/V and lighting solutions for the renovation of the Hollywood Theatre in Vancouver meant outfitting this venue with the equipment needed to function as the newest, multi-purpose “it” destination for movie screenings, live shows, and educational events. We were asked to design a powerful and versatile lighting system that could serve multiple modes of use within the venue. 

The Challenge:

Our challenge was creating a fully modern and functional solution that didn’t detract from the existing character of the theatre’s classic 1935 façade. The space also needed to be flexible enough to swap from a movie house, to a live event, and beyond.

The Pro A/V Solution:

We saw this as an opportunity to create a true multi-purpose space with first-rate ETC components. An LED-based lighting system utilizing ColorSource Spot fixtures, supported by a Prodigy EXO 1400 hoist system, automated fixtures, and Paradigm Architectural controls, was foremost in the design. Sensor iQ and Unison DRd racks provided the power controls, all of which were integrated via ETC Network with cinema-quality audio visuals. The front façade of the building is illuminated with ETC Desire 40 XTI exterior fixtures. We also utilized the Paradigm controls to integrate the existing lighting in the cocktail bar.

This complete network system, using an assortment of ETC Response gateways, offers extreme versatility, including power and dimming control options, along with centralized control. Local control was incorporated using Paradigm Touch Screens and Inspire button station controls.

Hollywood Theatre Interior
Hollywood Theatre Interior Photo: Shot By Solo

The Result:

The result was stunning and fully functional! The space can easily alternate between a moviehouse and live event venue, thanks to a retractable cinema screen. The Prodigy XO 1400 hoist sits above the stage apron, providing hanging positions for the ETC ColorSource fixtures.

We were able to breathe new life into this heritage building which now serves as a cultural landmark in Vancouver. It’s currently the hottest cocktail bar in the community and already has a reputation in the live music industry as a “first-class place to play.” This venue showcases the importance of not cutting corners when integrating new and old systems.