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LD+A September 2017: Denver 16 Street Mall

Replica Result

One lighting legend passes the baton to another on Denver’s pedestrian mall

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An Idea Blossoms

An Idea Blossoms

An R&D giant’s three businesses consolidate within a single headquarters that rejects the traditional notion of laboratory design.

By Paul Tarricone Read More

Nixon’s New Perspective

A dramatic visual story at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum helps visitors examine a controversial legacy.

By Vilma Barr Read More

Alley of the Arts

A lighting revamp morphs a century-old pathway into a work of art

By Katie Nale Read More

Minnesota State Capitol

A Capitol Comes Around

With LED sources in new and refurbished fixtures, the seat of Minnesota’s government shines again.

By Samantha Schwirck Read More

Heirloom Hospitality

A restored atrium transports hotel guests back to Manhattan’s Gilded Age

By Samantha Schwirck Read More

Designing for the Smallest Customers

Five rules for lighting pediatric healthcare environments

By Steve Munn Read More

Sign of the Times

Hospitality influences eliminate signage and usher in a new paradigm at a Chicago-area library Read More

You Can Put a Price on Street Lighting

How a creative funding strategy helped Salt Lake City get the lights back on

By Dave Pearson Read More

In Tune with Nature

In Tune with Nature

By Rebecca Pogson A new gallery at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver mimics real-time daylight conditions via a custom sensor and tunable light to showcase art ‘in the wild’ Set on the cliffs of Point Grey in Vancouver, the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia is as world-renowned for its remarkable architecture as it is for its art collection. The concrete and glass building was designed by Canadian architect Arthur Erickson and integrates into the landscape… Read More