October 20 Webinar: Get the Facts on LED Street Lighting

US Department of EnergyLED street lighting has been in the news a lot lately, in the wake of the American Medical Association (AMA) issuing community guidance that cited the potential for increased blue-wavelength light in the night sky resulting from the ongoing conversion of high-pressure sodium street lighting to LED. The applicability of that guidance, however, critically depends on the accuracy of a number of underlying assumptions and other relevant factors that, unfortunately, are not covered in the AMA document.

On October 20, DOE will host a webinar to examine key issues related to the concerns raised by the AMA, sorting fact from misinterpretation and what we know from what we don’t know. The material covered is based on a DOE presentation last month at the Illuminating Engineering Society’s 2016 Street and Area Lighting Conference, and will:

  • Address the issues underlying the AMA concerns and their applicability to LED street lighting
  • Provide essential background context related to exposure to light at night
  • Review activities currently being supported by DOE’s Solid-State Lighting Program to fill in existing knowledge gaps.

Presented by Bruce Kinzey of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the webinar will be held on October 20 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT, and will include a 30-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute live Q&A session. Additional information about the webinar can be found on the registration page.