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Science, Not Sound Bites

Broadening our knowledge base—not simplistic headlines—will move the ball forward By James Brodrick Blue light has been in the news a lot lately—specifically, the portion of the visible spectrum that falls between 450 and 530 nanometers. Light within that range can have powerful effects on our visual acuity and circadian rhythm, as well as on […]

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Reappearing Act

In Nashville, TN, a 12-year-old bridge takes on the visual power of a landmark By Leonora Desar At night, the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge catches your eye in Nashville. The cool, silver-white arch curves over the Cumberland River, reflected in the water. There, the structure appears to double, reminding you of a spectral twin. […]

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On the Road to Smart Cities

LED streetlights can act as the ‘nervous system’ for intelligent cities. A glimpse of what may be possible By Rick Freeman Every city has its share of challenges—some major, some minor, some easily addressable, others difficult to control. Each city’s situation is different, but on a grand scale, the costs of these recurring challenges add […]

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In a World Without Drivers…

Will there be a need for the same type of roadway lighting? A roundtable panel speculates on the implications of driverless vehicles By Paul Tarricone NBC News recently asked the question: “What jobs could driverless cars eliminate?” Among the endangered species are those working for body shops, car insurance salespeople, driver’s ed. teachers and ambulance […]

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Leadership Without Formal Authority

By Yulia Tyukhova, Ph.D. Acuity Brands Lighting Have you ever explained to a stranger what a lighting professional does? It takes some time to do so, compared to more self-explanatory jobs, such as professor, lawyer or mechanical engineer. I frequently see how puzzled a person is when I tell them what I do. Most people […]

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