Lighting Enabled Systems and Application @ RPI

    Dr. Robert Karlicek, Center Director and RPI Professor at LESA (Lighting Enabled Systems and Application) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute takes us on a fascinating journey with staff and graduate students detailing some of the groundbreaking research that is being done at LESA. With the main topics of Cognition, VLC Communication, Efficient Buildings, Plant Science and Healthcare, Bob and his group demonstrate how LESA is “Teaching Lighting New Tricks”.


    0:00:00 – Introduction – Bob Karlicek
    0:06:07 – Cognition – Interactive Realities – Rich Radke
    0:21:55 – VLC Communication – Unlimited Bandwidth – Asif Chowdhury
    0:35:17 – Efficient Buildings – Integrated Building Environment Management – Sandipan Mishra
    0:48:17 – Plant Science – Growth for the Future – Tessa Pocock
    0:54:17 – Plant Science – Precise Wavelength Tuning for Optimal Growth – Rick Neal
    1:00:03 – Healthcare – Control Systems for Circadian Rhythm – John Wen
    1:16:15 – Wrap-up – Bob Karlicek