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The Lighting Library® is the complete set of IES Standards, newly formulated into five online collections, that updates, expands, and replaces The Lighting Handbook, 10th edition (2010), and previous versions of our standards.

Login to your My IES homepage, and from there you can directly access the Lighting Library.


The Lighting Library replaces the Handbook.

Yes, as individual downloadable PDF files only. Go to:

All of the Lighting Library documents are consensus standards written by IES Technical Committees and approved through our rigorous American National Standards Institute (ANSI) process, which ensures that a balanced approach is taken to addressing critical issues and that revisions are made at regular intervals. For more information on The IES Standards procedures click here.


The Subscribing type of membership is being phased out. As a current individual Subscribing Member, you will be given a full subscription to the Lighting Library® until your current membership term expires. Once it is time for you to renew your membership, you will renew your dues at the current individual membership rate (based on your level of membership: Associate, Member, Emerging Professional, Student, or Fellow), and separately purchase a subscription to the entire library or individual collections based on your preference. You will be able to locally print documents from your subscription.
You could consider converting your membership to Sustaining to enhance your benefits and share the library with other company employees. Simultaneous logins to the Lighting Library for your company are an exclusive benefit reserved for Sustaining Members, along with numerous other benefits, so be sure to review which category best fits your company’s needs. For more information click here.
Sustaining Members have access to the Lighting Library for a specific number of simultaneous users, depending on their level. The Sustaining Member benefits associated with the Lighting Library are listed here [PDF 791KB]. You must contact your Sustaining Member company representative to gain access; email if you do not know your company contact.

As a current Sustaining Member, you have full access to the entire library (all Collections) until your current membership term expires. Once it is time for you to renew your Sustaining Membership, you can choose the category and corresponding member benefits that best fit your needs. All Sustaining Memberships come with access to the entire Lighting Library; the only difference will be how many simultaneous logins your company requires.


By ASTM Compass, which hosts numerous other global standards organizations, so we are assured a solidly backed platform.

Tagging, tracking, annotating, searching, and document sharing.

Use the “Track” button to bookmark a document.


Turn on the “Track” toggle, and go to “Manage Tracking”.

Manage Tracking

Use the “Annotate” button to save a note.


Simply highlight the content you want to make a note about, enter your note, attach your file if applicable, and click on “Save”.


You can search by topic, designation, category, and date range. You can also browse according to collections and document titles, and you can search for keywords within a document. The Search function works by ranking the most selected documents per search, so this feature should get smarter as our members begin to use the platform more.


That is not a feature available at this time.

This is an additional tool that allows you to find out more about the articles, papers, and standards referenced in IES standards.

Reference Retriever links you to IES's new library catalog, where you'll find more information about references within the library and then link to access or purchase the document when those links are available.

It is a search tool found in the Lighting Library® menu that allows you to quickly and easily find the Recommended Maintained Illuminance Target values for all of the IES standards. The lighting application categories are provided with pulldown menus, and you can save and recall your searches. In addition, you can print a customized report as record documentation. Note that this feature is exclusively available through a subscription to the Applications Collection or to the entire library.

This feature works by analyzing every pixel, including format changes. We changed the format of our standards for 2020, so this feature will not work with older documents because of the number of format changes. It will be functional between the 2020 documents and their successive versions.



You'll need to right-click in order for the links to open the content in a new tab.

Right now, links open up a PDF version of the document. Tools are available in the online version.

As soon as you click that button within a document, it downloads; look for it in another screen or in your web downloads.



Hover your mouse over the “Annotate” button. If you click on a specific annotation, you'll be taken to that spot. Once there, you'll see a small blue box over the text that was highlighted. If you hover over the box, you'll see the highlighted text, as well as the annotation. Alternatively, you can click on the “Add/See Note” button.

Yes. You can click on the “Download” button to download a PDF.


Yes and no. You'll need internet access in order to log in and access the platform, and to use the tools. However, you can download the PDF of a standard for offline use.

Yes. The Lighting Library is mobile responsive.

For individual subscriptions, the Lighting Library is accessed through your My IES homepage, which requires logging into your IES account with your username and password. We do not recommend sharing that information.


The Lighting Library is divided into five Collections of IES standards: Lighting Science, Lighting Practice, Lighting Applications, Lighting Measurements and Testing, and Roadway and Parking Facilities Lighting. There are approximately 5,000 pages of lighting knowledge in the Lighting Library, including nearly 100 IES standards. For a condensed bibliography click here. [PDF 24KB]
The Lighting Science, Lighting Practice, and Lighting Applications series merge updated and expanded content from the 2010 Lighting Handbook with the more current body of work contained in our standards.
The Lighting Science Collection includes foundational material and is referenced by many of the other lighting standards. There are also Technical Memoranda and Recommended Practice documents in this Collection that cover evolving subjects or provide more directed recommendations for implementation. For a subscription to or more information on this Collection, please click here.

The Lighting Practice Collection includes foundational material in how the practice of lighting design is best served. Topics include lighting design principles, daylighting, lighting controls, and lighting economics. This material is considered bridge material, translating science and engineering into practice, irrespective of any specific application. There are Technical Memoranda and Recommended Practice documents in this collection as well. For a subscription to or more information on this Collection, please click here.

The Lighting Applications Collection consists of Recommended Practice standards for a wide variety of building and space types, as can be seen in the list of standards. These documents are essential to any lighting designer, electrical engineer, architect, interior designer, or owner for understanding the principles of quality lighting design. For a subscription to or more information on this Collection, please click here.

The Lighting Applications documents include the Recommended Maintained Illuminance Target tables for each application, as well as detailed information for how lighting designs should be made to attain desired results. These tables have been completely updated and are typically located in Annex A of each standard. In addition, they may be accessed from the Interactive Illuminance Selector, which can be found in the menu for the Lighting Library. (Note: The Interactive Illuminance Selector is exclusively available through a subscription to the Applications Collection or to the entire library.)

The Lighting Measurements and Testing Collection houses most of the LM series of IES documents, which are the IES Approved Methods for testing and measuring light sources and luminaires. The LM series is essential to understanding the intricacies of how lighting systems are required to be tested and measured in laboratory settings. These documents are often cited in government regulations, to ensure that all laboratories and manufacturers are using the same rules when testing products that the public will rely on when implemented in design. There are also a few Technical Memoranda in this collection. For a subscription to or more information on this Collection, please click here.

This ANSI/IES standard for roadways, roadway facilities, and parking facilities contains the full set of roadway related IES documents that formerly comprised twelve separate standards. All of these documents have been coordinated and consolidated to create this 400+ page standard, which keeps current with the ever-evolving understanding of night vision and advances in lighting and controls technologies, while balancing the needs for public safety and environmental protection. This document is a must for municipalities, utilities, and departments of transportation. For a subscription to or more information on this Collection, please click here.


If you are an individual you can subscribe to any of the individual collections, or the entire library. Click here to subscribe.

If you are seeking access to the Lighting Library for your company, this is a benefit of Sustaining Membership. For more information on our Sustaining Member categories, please click here.

Yes, individual IES members receive a 50% discount on their subscription. So, for access to the entire Lighting Library (all Collections), IES Members pay $400 annually (in addition to their annual membership), while Non-members pay $800 annually. For more subscription information go to IES Webstore. For Sustaining Members, the Lighting Library® is a benefit that is included with your membership.

At this point, we are not offering trial subscriptions.

Whom to Contact

If you have questions or issues with the platform, please capture a screen shot of your error or issue and send it to