Section FAQs

-Do I need to be a member of IES in order to be a part of a Section?
You can attend Section events without being a member, but there is often a price break for members. Check with your local IES Section to see their event prices for members and non-members. In order to serve on the Section Board of Managers you must be a current IES member.

-How do I find out which Section I belong to or should belong to?
As an IES member you are assigned to a Section based on geographical location. To find out which Section you are assigned to, check your membership account page, or contact IES. To request to be assigned to a different Section, contact and let them know to which Section you are attending meetings.

-What does an IES Section do?
A Section is your local subdivision or chapter of the IES. The purpose of the local Sections is to help create and maintain a vibrant community of Lighting Professionals in your area. Sections will typically conduct meetings and events around lighting topics that are educational, interesting, or to highlight current standards in the industry.

-Do I have to attend Section meetings or activities?
No, participation in your Section is not mandatory.

-Why should I participate at the Section level? There are many benefits to being an active participant:

  • Lead the conversation: Participate in IES Events and Education to influence and lead what happens next in the lighting industry.
  • Leadership opportunities: influence, authority, recognition, be a key player and make an impact in your community. Become a Section President, District Chair, Regional Director, IES Board Member.
  • Network with other lighting professionals in your area.
  • Mingle with colleagues from related businesses: Engineers, Lighting Designers, Manufacturers, etc.
  • Learn about lighting industry events on both a local and national level.
  • Exclusive Volunteer opportunities that develop lighting standards, education courses, and grant awards.
  • Stay one step ahead by learning about exclusive IES offers and industry information.
  • Achieve recognition. Being an active participant at the Section level may be encouraged by employers and seen as a leadership role.
  • Awards and certificates may be granted to those who have actively participated.