Note: Existing members can log in and create their mentoring application within the Membership Services area of our website.

If you are not an IES member, click here to join. Applicants must be an IES member (either student, associate, member grade as appropriate).

The Membership Committee reviews the applications at least quarterly. Pairings are made per the stated guidelines.

Confirmations are sent to paired Mentors / Mentees. Those not paired immediately will receive acknowledgement of their application.

The objective is to ensure that mentor and mentee “fit” well together. The IES Membership Committee will review applicants to maximize optimal pairings. If you are not immediately paired, don’t worry, your application will stay active for a full year. After that, we will ask you to update your application and to re-submit.

How Will the Mentoring Relationship Occur?
Once paired; the mentoring relationship can occur via phone, email, and/or face to face meetings at your local IES event, office, Lightfair or the IES Conference. The goal is to help future leaders of the lighting industry and the IES nurture their participation, professional aspirations and goals. The mentoring relationship will continue for a two-year period and will be evaluated periodically though surveys sent electronically at scheduled intervals.

My Role as a Mentee:
As a potential mentee, you must have desire to grow professionally and as an active member of the IES. It is your responsibility to seek guidance on issues and challenges that relate to your firm as well as the entire IES lighting community. You must be willing to communicate your career goals and aspirations to your mentor, so he or she can be of assistance. By reaching out, you can direct the communication and receive valuable input. The mentor is volunteering to assist you in your career and offer guidance, so you should consider their suggestions and speak openly. You will develop as an IES member understanding the role of yourself, the IES community and the lighting industry.

My Benefit as a Mentee
The benefits of having a personal mentor are numerous, one of which is effective networking opportunities with senior members of our industry and the IES. You will have the opportunity to gain feedback from a respected professional to assist you in your goals. You will receive coaching to help you achieve success, and direction in your professional development.

I’m a Mentee Now What Do I Do?
Being a mentee is a great opportunity to gain valuable insight from an IES professional. In order for this relationship to function, the mentee should plan to dedicate two hours per month minimum to the relationship. The mentee should honor the pre-established monthly meeting time and be prepared for learning. The mentee should contact the mentor as needed via phone or email when questions or the need for mentoring arises. The mentee should seriously consider the suggestions of the mentor and respect their feedback. This is a two-year commitment to professional growth within the IES.

IES mentees will be a valuable resource to the Society…this group of individuals can be the future leadership of the IES and their future participation in the IES Mentoring Program will provide important feedback and impact the Strategic Plan of the Society.

The Mentor / Mentee Relationship Disclaimer
This program is designed for professional growth, and as such, boundaries need to be adhered to. This will ensure the integrity of the mentoring program. It is not acceptable to share proprietary or sensitive information at any time. We are members of a professional society, and we should speak and act as such. Personal challenges not related to work and the IES should be left to other professionals, such as counselors, family members, clergy, etc. It is appropriate for unscheduled phone calls and emails as needed, but these should only occur between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM. The mentor / mentee relationship is one where the mentor is given a position of trust and therefore romantic relationships are discouraged. If your mentoring pairing is not working out, please contact IES Membership services, and/or your Membership Committee person to ask to be discontinued with your current mentoring pairing.

IES will not assume any legal liability issues or legal proceedings that arise from this program. The participant will hold IES harmless from any damages that occur. The participant acknowledges that IES and their directors, officers, representatives and agents are NOT responsible for errors, omissions, acts or failures to act on any part of conducting activities on behalf of IES. Anyone participating in the program does so voluntarily, and should rely on their own independent judgment, in determining the exercise of reasonable care in any given circumstance.