Committee Group: Education
Statement of Purpose
The Education Material Review Committee consists of three five-person panels to work in a rotational basis in reviewing all face-to-face educational materials. Material review responsibility will rotate through the panels. Three individuals recommended by the Director of Education for Board Approval will work as Panel Chairpersons and lead each panel. Guest expert reviewers will be added for specific material where required and determined by the Panel Chairperson. The scope of the Educational Material Review Committee is to review educational materials and to ensure the quality and message meet IES standards. The Committee will only suggest additions or changes, and will not develop materials. Educational materials for Committee review will be Fundamentals of Lighting, Intermediate Seminars and Programs, and Regional Roadshows.
Chairmen: Fred Oberkircher, Jody Good, Daniel Blitzer
Vice Chairman:
Board Liaison:
Staff Liaison: Tom Butters


  • Samantha Boernsen
  • Craig Casey
  • Leslie Davis
  • Tony Esposito
  • Matthew Hartley
  • Jeff Hoenig
  • Fred Oberkircher
  • Daniel Rogers
  • Bhakti Sharma
  • J. Erin Speck
  • David Warfel
  • Andrea Wilkerson
  • Howard Wolfman