Committee Group: Membership

Statement of Purpose

To develop and implement an annual workshop designed to help leaders, at all levels of the Society, effectively work with volunteers.

Committee Scope Parameters

  • Included subject matter: Networking and experience sharing on how to be an effective leader, manage events and volunteers and learn about the lighting industry through seasoned professionals.
Documents maintained by this committee

Logistics of the Leadership Forum held at the IES Annual Conference.

  • Mariel Taviana Acevedo, SOLUS Inc
Staff Liaison
  • Marie L. Meacham
  • James Radi, Shat-R-Shield, Inc.
  • Robert Bridges, Noveda Technologies
  • Rebecca S. Conner, WSP + CCRD
  • Frederick J. Lind
  • Kimberly Mercier, Lighting Design Innovations
  • Caitlin Mulligan, Southern California Illumination
  • Michelle K. Prew, Eaton Inc
  • Jared A. Smith, CBCL Limited
  • Phillip G. Soroky, Ullman Electric Co
Advisory Members
  • John Bouls
  • Douglas J. Prusky
  • Daniel G. Salinas, Salinas Lighting Consult, Inc.
  • Christine VanLeeuwen, Graybar Electric Company INC
  • Doyle W. Young, Siemens