Committee Group: Membership
Statement of Purpose

To keep in touch with developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world and prepare a yearly review of achievements for the Society.

Chair: Leslie E. Davis
Vice Chair: Jared Widmer
Secretary: Shaun Fillion
Board Liaison:
Staff Liaison: Mark S. Lien


  • Christopher L. Bailey
  • Mark L. Benguerel
  • Gregory Bennorth
  • Kristin Bernick
  • RobertM. Cilic
  • Boyd O. Corbett
  • Kimberly Daley
  • George A. Doukas
  • Jay M. Eissner
  • John D. Green
  • Pete Jacobson
  • Richard G. Leeds
  • Howard P. Lewis
  • Frederick J. Lind
  • Michael A. Lunn
  • Timothy J. O’Keefe
  • Edwin Rambusch
  • Dyke Riffle
  • Shello Sedlak-Mejia
  • Anthony W. Serres
  • Sandra M. Stashik
  • Paula A. Ziegenbein
  • Ardra Zinkon

 Advisory Members

  • Bruce D. Belfer
  • Sarena A. McComas
  • Tejal Thakur
Documents maintained by this committee

The Progress Report