Committee Group: Membership
Statement of Purpose
Promotes the integration of emerging professionals into the leadership of the Society.
Committee Scope Parameters

  • Included subject matter: Explore and exchange ideas regarding activities that may be designed to foster supportive relationships among students, emerging professionals and Society mentors. This is accomplished through a full day of classes ranging from portfolio development, leadership opportunities, face to face meeting with lighting professionals in various disciplines, networking events, seminars, committee attendance and mentors.
Sub Chairman: Lisa J. Reed
Vice Chairman:
Board Liaison:
Staff Liaison: Marie L. Meacham


  • Martin J. Evans
  • Kevin J. Flynn
  • Zach C. Foster
  • Fred L. Hasler
  • Brenda J. Quies
  • Daniel G. Salinas
  • Chrysanthi C. Stockwell
  • Yulia Tyukhova
  • Andrea M. Wilkerson
Documents maintained by this committee

Logistics of the EP Workshop held at the IES Annual Conference.