Committee Group: Education

Statement of Purpose

To plan and conduct workshops for teachers of lighting in academia biannually or as often as is deemed necessary by the committee’s recommendation and Board action. Further the committee shall work with the Board’s Knowledge Committee and staff.

  • Rebecca Hadley- Catter, Eaton Inc
Staff Liaison
  • Tom Butters
  • Patricia A. McGillicuddy
  • Delores A. Ginthner, Professor Emeritus
  • Edward Bartholomew, National Grid
  • Leslie E. Davis, Leslie Davis Lighting Design
  • Addison G. Kelly, US Lighting Consultants
  • Joseph B. Murdoch
  • Fred Oberkircher, Texas Christian University Center for Lighting Education
  • Mark L. Roush, Experience Light, LLC
Advisory Members
  • Michael J. Stern, SEFL, Inc