Nomination Form [PDF 9KB]

This Regional Award shall be given in recognition of exceptional service to the society of a non-technical nature for having significantly furthered the purpose for which the society was founded, having continued over a minimum of five years in various programs and activities at the regional level.


A candidate shall be a Member or Associate in good standing of IES and shall have provided continuous service at the regional level for a minimum of five (5) years.


  1. All nomination forms must be submitted completely filled out to the Regional Director, Regional Awards Chairman, or Regional Executive Committee. Forms are available from the IES office and Section 5-31 — 5-32 of the Section Handbook, or by clicking here.
  2. Nomination forms should be accompanied by at least two letters from individuals active at the Regional Level supporting the nomination and detailing the candidate’s accomplishments relative to the award.
  3. The Regional Awards Committee, appointed by the Regional Executive Committee, shall have at least five (5) members consisting of Past Regional Directors (if and when available), previous award recipients, and other individuals active at the Regional Level.

The Award

The award is an engraved plaque. These awards shall be presented at the region’s discretion at the Regional Conference. The cost of this award is the Region’s responsibility.


    • Barchard, Wanda (East Central – 2008)
    • Romaniello, Peter (Northeastern – 2007)
    • Flynn, Kevin (Midwest – 2005)
    • Cheng, Alex P. (East Central – 2004)
    • Martin, Jeff (Southeastern – 2004)
    • Safford, David (East Central – 2004)
    • Lamar, Adam N (South Pacific Coast – 2003)
    • Newquist, Donald S. (South Pacific Coast- 2003)
    • Seegel, Mark H. (South Pacific Coast- 2003)
    • Gallien, John (Northeastern – 2001)
    • Heumann, Gina (Midwest – 2001)
    • Hugh, Peter (North Central – 1999)
    • Waters, Clarence (Midwest – 1999)
    • Thompson, Keith (South Pacific Coast – 1997)
    • Kantor, Donald J. (East Central – 1996)
    • Maillet, Aurelle J. (Northeastern – 1996)
    • Oerkvitz, Charles A. (East Central – 1996)
    • Robinson, Anne V. (Northeastern – 1996)
    • Webster, James (East Central – 1996)
    • Peyton, Mary (Southwestern – 1995)
    • Scott, Thomas (Southwestern – 1995)
    • Rice, James D. (Southwestern – 1994)
    • Philibert, Robert (South Central – 1993)