Mar 4, 2021

General Information

After submitting the application, you will receive emails to the email address used on the application. The first one will be a welcome letter, the second one will contain instructions and discount codes for you to share with your colleagues and employees for free, or discounted registrations and memberships. The third email will contain a shared login for access to the Lighting Library®. The final letter will be from the IES Accounting Department and will contain your company’s tax deduction letter. The designed point of contact should review the information provided in the emails and share the appropriate information with their company employees.
Please check your spam/promotions email folders. Ensure that emails from are marked as “safe sender” and white-listed within your company’s firewall. Still don’t see it? Please email [email protected] and we will get you up and running.
Please email [email protected] and copy your company’s current Sustaining Member point of contact with this request. If your company’s Sustaining Member point of contact is no longer available, email [email protected].
All membership levels at IES are for one year duration. We do not offer monthly or quarterly renewals or invoices. Our renewal notices are emailed to your Sustaining Member designated contact. If your company cannot process renewal through the standard renewal option, or need an invoice, please email [email protected] for assistance.
To increase the quantity of any of these items you can upgrade your Sustaining Membership level or contact [email protected] to see if there are any special programs or offers.
Suggestion: We are thrilled you are considering upgrading your Sustaining Membership level. You can choose the category and corresponding member benefits that best fit your needs, by going here and remember that your upgrade helps IES deliver more value to you, your colleagues, and our industry. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 212-248-5000 to request your upgrade.

Membership Information

There will be no impact to any EXISTING individual memberships. When they are up for renewal Individual members can choose to renew using the allotment of 10% discounts on individual memberships if provided to them by your company’s Sustaining Member point of contact. IES will not provide the discount code information to anyone other than the designated point of contact.
Your company can have as many individual members as they would like, the more the merrier, but it’s up to the Sustaining Member point of contact which individuals are permitted to use the discount code and the Lighting Library access.
The Sustaining Member designated point of contact receives all documentation and records related to their Sustaining Membership level and is responsible for distributing that information within their company/organization. IES will not provide the discount code information to anyone other than the designated point of contact.
It can be used for so much! The discount code can be used by your designated individuals for 10% of individual memberships, “new” individual non-employee membership (feel free to invite your customers to join!), and conference registrations, plus discounted registration to IES Lighting Certified (LC) Study Groups and free educational webinar registrations.
They will receive the same discounts on webinars and events that any other IES individual member would receive.

Benefits Information

No, you cannot purchase additional logins for the Lighting Library®. We encourage you to upgrade your Sustaining Membership level.

Great question! Here’s what we recommend:

  • Update your password every 3-4 months to ensure only current employees access the library from within your organization
  • Strongly encourage that all employees logout of the library after every session so other employees who need access can get it. Remember, your access is limited to the number of simultaneous logins tied to your Sustaining Member level.
  • When your employees are finished and logout they must log out of BOTH the Lighting Library® platform AND the website.
Individual memberships are NOT tied to a Sustaining Membership. You must be an individual member of IES in order access the benefits and lower member pricing. Your company’s Sustaining Member level has a discount code that you can use to become a new IES individual member, renew your individual IES membership, and receive additional discounts on other benefits. IES will not provide the discount code information to anyone other than the designated point of contact.
No, the Sustaining Member designated contact controls who receives the discount codes and Lighting Library login information. Each Sustaining Member level has a fixed number of simultaneous logins, 10% discounts, and free webinar registrations available to them. IES will not provide the discount code information to anyone other than the Sustaining Member designated point of contact.
They do NOT receive a hard/print copy of LD+A. Only individual members receive hard copies of LD+A mailed to the address in their profile. Another great reason to have your employees become members!
Introduction to Lighting is a fast-paced seven-module course, designed to help a learner establish an understanding of lighting vocabulary, equipment, regulations, and practices. No prior lighting experiences is required. To register visit : and log-in with your username and password.
Your Sustaining Membership comes with a fixed number of available coupons for this course that are good for the duration of your annual membership. The primary point of contact at your company for the Sustaining Membership has access to these coupons and is responsible for distributing them within your organization. IES will not provide the discount code information for this course to anyone other than the designated point of contact. Once your employee has received the coupon they can visit the []eLearning Portal to register for Introduction to Lighting using your discount code, which provides them free access to the course (a $200 value per individual). Free access is provided as a benefit to only Ambassador (40 per membership year) and Champion (100 per membership year) Sustaining Member levels.
Due to the introductory nature of the material, no CEUs are offered, though upon completing all seven modules a certificate of completion is available for download.
In order for each individual to receive their own certificate of completion, they must each register for the course separately. If they decide to take the course at the same time as a group that sounds like a fun afternoon! A single course registration with multiple viewers will result in a single certificate of completion being issued.
The IES provides a tax acknowledgement by email after renewal of a sustaining membership. If you haven’t yet received your letter from the IES Accounting Department please email [email protected] to request the proper document for your company’s tax filing.
When in-person learning resumes, visit Request for IES CEU approval to register your presentation for CEUs the first time you would like to present it. Once you have approval*, you will be able to offer the presentation at your discretion for a year — renewal of your Sustaining Membership is the time to update your presentations and resend approval requests. After we receive the roster for each time the content is presented, we will email CEUs to your attendees within two weeks after receiving the roster. At this time, this benefit does not apply to presentations given in virtual formats. *Approval is for the speaker and the CEU content. If another speaker would like to give the same presentation they would their speaker agreement form prior to the first time they present.