A common term in public policy circles when referring to a type of activity is “grassroots”. Grassroots implies a bottom-up advocacy approach involving a group of people at numerous local levels that support a cause and perhaps push for adoption of a particular policy.

What is “grasstops”? This is a relatively new term and is related to grassroots. Grasstops refers to an approach whereby only one or two individuals in specific local areas are recruited by a centralized organization to support a specific advocacy activity or movement. For example, the IES may utilize one individual in certain Sections to act as a local operative for its policy and advocacy activities. For example, a local Section Board member who is interested in policy issues may volunteer to inform the Director of Public Policy on local or State level legislation or regulatory activity in the District or Region that may affect the lighting industry and/or the IES.

There are currently a few individuals involved in this program, but the program is still in the developmental stage. Anyone interested in joining this program should contact the Director of Public Policy.