Policy Updates/News


Policy Updates/News

What Driverless Vehicles Might Mean

February 14, 2016 – The seemingly overnight transition from traditional lighting to solid-state lighting has greatly expanded the lighting realm, infusing lighting into the world of electronics. One example of this was from the recent meeting of the Sustainability Committee of

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Washington D.C. 2015 Report Card

January 15, 2016 – 2015 offered some glimmers of hope in our nation’s capital. There were a number of bills passed with bi-partisan support–13, in fact.  Of those, two had provisions directly related to lighting and/or energy. The House passed H.R. 8, The North

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IES Telephones Update

We are currently experiencing issues with our phone system. While we work to rectify this issue, please visit the IES “about us” page to contact staff members via email.

Thank you for you patience.