IES Introduces the Lighting Library®

The IES Lighting LibraryNew York, NY — The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES – announces the Lighting Library® the new online platform that updates, expands, and replaces the 2010 Lighting Handbook and previous versions of all IES standards.

There are approximately 5,000 pages of lighting knowledge in the Lighting Library®, including nearly 100 IES standards. The goal was to electronically transform this large volume of information into an easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to update, and easy to customize online platform. Now all of the IES current standards are in one place, without limits, and always up-to-date in a newly formulated 5-collection series:

  1. Lighting Science
  2. Lighting Practice
  3. Lighting Applications
  4. Lighting Measurements and Testing
  5. Roadway and Parking Facility Lighting

The Lighting Applications Collection is the most expansive collection, providing detailed information on how lighting designs should be made to achieve high quality results. This collection also features the Interactive Illuminance Selector, an IES customized tool for finding recommended maintained illuminance levels and saving these searches into projects.

The Lighting Library® is also equipped with the Reference Retriever tool which allows you to quickly find out more about the articles, papers, and standards referenced in these IES standards and provides access or purchase of the documents whenever available.

The platform is powered by ASTM Compass, which hosts numerous other global standards organizations, so we are assured a solid backed platform. Through this platform you can find and easily revisit standards, make notes and attach documents and files within the standards, and edit the notes later when necessary. You will also be able to compare future changes to the original standards instantly with the version comparison tool. Search can be done by topic or designation, category and date range – browse collections or individual document titles and also search for keywords within a document.

Subscribing to the full Library provides the best value and seamless interconnection between all IES Standards, but individual collections can be purchased for subscription as well. IES members receive a 50% discount to subscribe. Companies and organizations are best served by becoming Sustaining Members, which will have access to the full suite of the Lighting Library® content for a specific number of simultaneous users depending on their level.

With the ever-changing evolution of lighting science, practice and applications, the IES is committed to keeping you informed through the most accessible and up-to-date methods available: the Lighting Library®. Take your knowledge with you. For more information, go to