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The ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guide for Highway Lodging is the fifth in a series designed to provide recommendations for achieving 30% energy savings over the minimum code requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-1999. The energy savings target of 30% is the first step in the process toward achieving a net zero energy building, which is defined as a building that, on an annual basis, draws from outside resources equal or less energy than it provides using on-site renewable energy sources. ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-1999, the energy-conservation standard published at the turn of the millennium, provides the fixed reference point for all of the Guides in this series. The primary reason for this choice as a reference point is to maintain a consistent baseline and scale for all of the 30% AEDG series documents.

This Guide focuses on typical hotels found along highways having up to 80 rooms, generally four stories or less, that use unitary heating and air-conditioning equipment. Buildings of this type with these HVAC system configurations represent a significant amount of commercial hotel space in the United States.

The recommendations in this Guide will allow contractors, consulting engineers, architects, and designers to easily achieve advanced levels of energy savings without having to resort to detailed calculations or analyses. All of the energy-saving recommendations for each of the eight U.S. climate zones are contained on a single page, thus facilitating the Guide’s use. Additional recommendations identify other opportunities to incorporate greater energy savings into the design of the building.

Those looking for help in implementing the recommendations of this Guide will find an expanded section of tips and approaches in the “How to Implement Recommendations” chapter of the Guide. To further facilitate its use, the Guide cross-references the how-to information with the numbered tips and the color-coded climate zone maps inside. Examples of advanced highway lodging energy designs are also provided in various case studies to illustrate the recommendations and to demonstrate the flexibility offered in achieving the advanced energy savings levels provided within the Guide.

Softcover 120 pages
Publisher: ASHRAE/AIA/IES/USGBC/DOE (2009)
SKU: AEDG-5-09
ISBN-13: 978-1-933742-61-8
Dimensions: 8½” x 11″

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