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Proceedings of the 2016 Illuminating Engineering Society Annual Conference which was held August 8-10, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.


Conference Program: Paper and Poster Presentations

Papers – Session I | Photometry & Measurement I | Exterior Lighting

  • Is It Possible to Measure the Correlated Color Temperature of LEDs Using a Camera
    F. Mahlab, H. Cai
  • Camera-Aided Glare Analysis in Sports Arenas
    H. Kurian, H. Cai
  • Spectral Characteristics of Road Surfaces and Eye Transmittance: Effects in Energy Efficiency of Road Lighting at Mesopic Levels.
    O. Preciado, E. Manzano
  • Study on Subjective and Pupil Responses to Discomfort Glare from Small, High-Luminance Light Sources in Outdoor Nighttime Environments
    Y. Tyukhova, C. Waters

Papers – Session II | Photometry & Measurement II | LEDs

  • High Dynamic Range Imaging for Luminance Measurement: Challenges and Research Needs
    M. Stanley, C. Beamer, R. Davis
  • Can We Use Smartphone-Imaging Sensors as Low Cost Luminance Mapping Tools to Support Design Processes, Integrated Lighting System Control, and Human Cactors Research?.
    K. Gormly, A. Mahic, K. Van Den Wymelenberg
  • Laser Diode Phosphor Modules For Unprecedented SSL Optical Control
    J.W. Raring, M. McLaurin, C. Poblenz, T. Melo, G. Aigeldinger, T. Trottier, E. Goutain, H. Huang, P. Rudy

Papers – Session III | Photometry & Measurement III

  • The Possibility of Computer Software and Smart Phone Apps to Help with Lighting Designers’ Daily Jobs
    M. Miri
  • Commissioning Lighting System Performance: Practical Techniques for Measuring Illuminance and Luminance in the Field
    C. Bernecker, P. Arguelles, S. Benchahiransak

Papers – Session IV | Human Performance | Light Spectrum

  • An Investigation of School Lighting Effects on Student Achievement
    O. Perez, H. Kaplan, R. Vincent, C. Strother
  • Moving Beyond the Lumen: Application-Specific Ways to Evaluate Lighting Effectiveness
    N. Miller, C. Bernecker
  • Illuminating Objects with Absorption-Minimizing Spectra
    D. Durmusa, W. Davis

Papers – Session V | Photometry & Measurement IV | Simulation Topics

  • Quantifying Flicker: Fourier Filtering of Light
    J. McHugh, M. McGaraghan
  • Luminaire Dirt Depreciation (LDD): Field Data from Several Exterior Lighting Projects
    R. Davis, A. Wilkerson, B. Kinzey
  • The Impacts of Different Levels of Exterior Surround Detail on Daylight Simulation Results
    R. Nahrkhalaji, R. Mistrick

Papers – Session VI | Daylighting | Lighting Controls

  • A Study of the Impact of Climate, Latitude, Orientation, and Shading Devices on ASE and sDA
    Q. Ai, R. Mistrick
  • Incorporating Adjustable External Shading Systems in Annual Daylighting Simulations: A Prototypical Study
    S. Subramaniam, R. Mistrick
  • Square Law Dimming: Presumed Perception or Reality?
    C. Bernecker, S. Hewett, P. Arguelles, S Benchahiransak, S Ergeneli, K. Fares, A. Gonzalez, F. Hierzer, S. Taveras, N. Martinez
  • Connected Lighting in Commercial Environment – Challenges and Barriers to Adoption. Can Bluetooth Mesh be the Answer?
    S. Slupik

Poster Papers

  • Compare CIE Sky Models and Perez Sky Models to HDR Images in Vertical Luminance Modeling
    Z. Kong, M. Utzinger
  • Field Measuring Assessment for Demarcating Lighting Management Zones in Gwangju Metropolitan City
    B. Go, T. Hwang
  • Shaping the Landscape of Demand Response and Future Grid Integration with Connected Lighting
    Y.G. Wen, S.A. Husen, C. Liu
  • Assessment of the Benefits of Adjustable Task Lighting in Office Environments
    S. Cohen, S. Joines, T. James
  • Temporal Light Artifacts: Progress in Quantification
    J. Gaines
  • AC Direct Universal-Input Module with 0-10V Dimming Compatibility
    J. Tan, R. Lenk, D. Gabriel

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