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Proceedings of the 2017 Illuminating Engineering Society Annual Conference which was held August 8-10, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.


Conference Program: Paper and Poster Presentations

Papers – Session I

  • Long-Term Evaluations of LED Field Performance
    T. Perrin, R. Davis, A. Wilkerson
  • Predicting LED System Life: A Long-term Study of the Factors that Determine Performance and Failure
    N. Narendran, Y. Liu, X. Mou, D. Thotagamuwa
  • Dynamic Daylight: Measuring the Impacts of a High Performance Daylighting System on Occupants’ Health, Satisfaction, and Productivity
    I. Elzeyadi, S. Gatland, B. Abboushi
  • Optimization of Surface Material Properties for Modeling Trees in Architectural Daylighting Simulations
    R. Sadeghi, R. Mistrick

Papers – Session II

  • Considerations for the Design and Commissioning of Tunable Lighting Systems
    R. Davis, A. Wilkerson
  • Enhancement of Antioxidant Properties of Lettuce Cultivars through Tunable Full-Spectrum Solid State Lighting System
    M. Anderson, T. Salpetria, D. Cai, P. Jurovic, G. Lowers, H. Ishihara, A. Kosasa, H. Matsumoto, S. Sugio, T. Toudou
  • A More Accurate Approach for Calculating Illuminance with Daylight Coefficients
    S. Subramaniam, R. Mistrick

Papers – Session III

  • CRI Requirements are a Terrible Idea
    R. Clear, S. Berman
  • The Photopic Luminous Efficiency Function: Trouble with the Curve
    M. Rea
  • Analytic BSDF Modeling for Daylight Design
    I. Ashdown
  • Analysis of Spectroradiometers – Inexpensive Handheld to Laboratory Grade
    C. Miller, Y. Zong, W. Luedtke, B. Florac

Papers – Session IV

  • The Influence of Chromaticity on Subjective Impressions in Lighted Environments
    C. Bernecker, P. Bernal Arguelles, S. Benchahiransak, H. Mirdamadi, S. Mosbeh, V.C. Qin
  • Chroma Shift and Gamut Shape: Going Beyond Average Fidelity and Gamut Area
    M. Royer, K. Houser, A. David
  • Shaping Light with Cut and Folded Surfaces
    N. Cheng

Papers – Session V

  • A Model for Predicting Stroboscopic Flicker
    A. Bierman
  • Blindswitch 2017: Proposing a New Manual Blind Control Algorithm for Daylight and Energy Simulation
    A. Nezamdoost, K. Van Den Wymelenberg
  • Visualizing Architectural Lighting: Creating and Reviewing Workflows Based on Virtual Reality Platforms
    H. Li, K. Kensek, M. Schiler, D. Noble
  • An Algorithm for Fixture Location Mapping and Auto-Commissioning of Connected
    Lighting Systems Using Sensor Data
    J. Hu, D. Birru, M. Patel, J. Yu, E. Shen

Papers – Session VI

  • Bioadaptive Lighting
    G. Whittaker
  • Daylight-based Partition Design in Side-lit Open Plan Offices
    M. Modaresnezhad, A. Nezamdoost
  • Can Street Lighting Promote Physical Activity After Dark? An Exploratory Study
    R. Bhagavathula, R. Gibbons, S. Hankey

Papers – Session VII

  • Circadian Light and its Impact on Alertness in Office Workers: A Field Study
    M. Figueiro, B. Steverson, J. Heerwagen, M. Rea
  • DoE 2015 Innovative Office Lighting System with Integrated Spectrally Adaptive Control
    M. Smith
  • LED Lighting and Radio Interference
    E. Mendoza, R. Haring
  • Analyzing Theoretical Models for Predicting Thermal Conductivity of Composite Materials for LED Heat Sink Applications
    V. Terentyeva, I. Perera, N. Narendran

Poster Papers

  • TaskShade Prototype Development and Field Tests on UO Campus
    G. Gilbert, M. Lappin, S. Lim, K. Swanson, K. Van Den Wymelenberg
  • Computer Simulation of Dynamic Thermal-Adaptive Curved Lightshelf for Daylight Control in Buildings
    A. Barri, J. Chang, H. Cai, R. Barrett-Gonzalez
  • Spatial Perception of Texture and Associated Emotions
    P. Bernal Arguelles
  • A Comparative Study on Toplighting Strategies in an Academic Building
    A. Nezamdoost, R. Cui, A. Mahic, J. Mbala-Nkanga, H. Nelson, K. Van Den Wymelenberg
  • Ascertaining the Impact of Specific Spectral Power Densities on Human Psychophysiological Well-Being through Design Research
    J. Slade, A. Dugar
  • Improving Lifeguard Visibility in Aquatics Facilities by Minimizing Glare
    R. Bergseteren Strange, D. Blankenberger, A. Ramaswamy, A. Mahic, K. Van Den Wymelenberg
  • The Effect of Light on Perception of Time in Healthcare Environments
    V.C. Qin, G. Shrum, C. Bernecker
  • Measuring Correlated Color Temperature and Duv of white LEDs Using Digital Camera: A Second Laboratory Study
    F. Mahlab, H. Cai
  • The Next Generation of Lighting Systems: What Impact to Expect
    R. Taylor, D. Blitzer, C. Bernecker
  • Software Architecture of Integrated Adaptive Control for Human-Centric Office Lighting Systems
    J. Hu, M. Smith, J. Yu
  • Lighting Practitioner Knowledge and Usage of Fundamental Concepts and Accompanying Metrics
    T. Esposito

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