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Proceedings of the 2018 Illuminating Engineering Society Annual Conference which was held August 9-11, 2018 in Boston, MA.


Conference Program: Paper and Poster Presentations

Papers – Session I
Preference of Residential Interior Lighting
J. O. Aguirre, A. Martín, C. Kirschbaum

Wellness Real Estate. New Challenges in Healthy Lighting Requirements
(This author declined to provide a final paper)
O. Perez

Fuzzibility: A New Approach to Modeling Visibility Using Fuzzy Techniques
R. Saraiji, I. Alhamad, H. Boussabaine

Artificial Light Balance for Growing Different Varieties of Tomatoes
R. Mani, I. Godfrey

Papers – Session II
The Influence of Color Temperature and Illuminance on Subjective Impressions
(This author declined to provide a final paper)
C. Bernecker, E. Mathew, J. Collier, S. Casey

The Intersection of Color Metrics and Qualities Guided by Perception
C. Bernecker, J. Collier

Power Quality, Harmonics, Power Factor and Standby Power in the Times of Smart Light
E. Mendoza, R. Haring

EMI Requirements for Lighting Devices Around the Globe
E. Mendoza, R. Haring

Papers – Session III
Surface Exitance: Approach, Method, and Assessment
C. Bernecker, S. Casey

Illuminance in Context
C. Bernecker, L. Austen

Visible Light Disinfection: A Novel Approach to Reducing Surgical Site Infection
C. Yahnke

Balancing NICU Needs with a White-Tunable Lighting System
A. Wilkerson, L. Tredinnick, S. Safranek

Papers – Session IV
The Impact of Practitioner Feedback on Interior Design Students’ Creativity
A. Asojo, H. Vo

Development and Evaluation of Immersive Lighting Representations
C. Bernecker, E. Mathew

Modern Lighting Audits. Technology Supporting Designers and Contractors
J. Summers, M. Przybyla

Lighting Optimization to Reduce Damage to Artwork
D. Durmus, W. Davis

Papers – Session V
Correlated Color Temperature and Circadian Stimulus
T. Esposito, K. Houser

A Vector Field Color Rendition Model
L. Whitehead, M. Royer, A. David, T. Esposito, K. Smet, K. Houser

Papers – Session VI
Development and Commissioning of a Calorimeter for Testing the Thermal Performance of Luminaires
H. Cai, S. Diederich

Calculating Luminous Flux Using High Dynamic Range Imaging and Its Application
H. Cai, R. Poling, L. Li

Transforming Directional Lighting with Physically Stationary, Adjustable Luminaires
A. Kim, K. Bauer, V. Chub, C. Gladden, P. Kozodoy, J. Lloyd, K. Schneider

Top Efficacy Performer LED Luminaires (or, 200 LPW?? Really?? Give me a break!)
N. Miller

Papers – Session VII
A POE Study of the Impact of Daylighting and Electric Lighting in the Workplace
A. Asojo, S. Bae, C. Martin

Perceptual Response to Fractal Light Patterns
B. Abboushi, I. Elzeyadi, R. Taylor, M. Sereno

Poster Papers
Urban Nightscape: Perceived Level of Safety at Jacob Riis
I. Ahn, C. Bernecker

Deployment of Responsive Lighting by the Int’l Nighttime Design Initiative
K. Appleman, U. Besenecker, L. Schwendinger

The Impact of Practitioner Feedback on Interior Design Students’ Creativity
A. Asojo, H. Vo

An adjusted error score calculation for the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test
T. Esposito

Lighting the Historic Value of Brick and Cities’ Identity
C. S. Torres, C. Bernecker

Integrated Design and Interactive Lighting
S. He, Y. Yan

Study on preference of LED lighting environment in Korean and European
J. S. Yang

Beyond the G Rating — Evaluating Visual Comfort in Street and Area Lighting
C. Sulek, K. Chen

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