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Proceedings of the 2019 Illuminating Engineering Society Annual Conference which was held August 8-10, 2019 in Louisville, KY.


Conference Program: Paper and Poster Presentations

Papers – Session I
Helping Communities Develop a Lighting Ordinance
N. Clanton, A. Stevenson

The Potential of Tunable White Lighting Systems to Improve Quality of Life in Older Adults
N. Shishegar, M. Boubekri

Post-Occupancy Evaluation Studies in the Workplace: A Human-Centric Approach to Lighting
A. Asojo, H. Vo, S. Bae

Impact of Advance Light Exposure on Assembly-Line Workers’ Daytime Alertness and Nighttime Sleep
S. Ho, Y. Yan

Papers – Session II
Assessing Connected Lighting Systems and a Proposed Methodology for Assessing Daylight Harvesting
C. Bernecker, R. Taylor

Daylight Evaluation: The Influence of Vertical Luminance on Visual Preference in Daylit Environment
Y.S. Liao, R. Mintz, C. Bernecker

Evaluating Tunable Lighting in Classrooms
S. Safranek, R. Davis

Lighting Conditions and Perceived Learning Experience Among Students in Classroom Buildings: A Post-Occupancy Evaluation Study
A. Asojo, S. Bae, C. Martin

Papers – Session III
Potential Energy Effects of Meeting Lighting Recommendations for Affecting Human Health
R. Davis, S. Safranek, J. Collier

Circadian Light Measurement in a Hospital Room with the Aid of High Dynamic Range Imaging Technology
H. Cai, F. Mahlab

Lighting Systems Cybersecurity Standards
E. Mendoza, R. Haring

LED Drivers Energy Efficiency and IoT
E. Mendoza, R. Haring, H. Wolfman

Papers – Session IV

A Comparison Between IES TM-30 and CRI-Based Color Rendition Properties
K. Teunissen, S. Jost, R. Dangol

Prime Color Wavelengths and Light Source Error Score
T. Esposito

The Impact of Lighting and Views on Human Functionality in The Workplace
P. Ward, S. Rockcastle, J. Kline, K. Van Den Wymelenberg

An Integrated Daylighting Design Process: The Immeasurable and Measurable Dimensions of Light
M. Guzowski

Papers – Session V

Applying Five-Phase Daylight Analysis in Parametric Simulations to Inform Early Stage Daylighting Design
R. Mistrick, L. Curtis

Feasibility of Employing a Daylight-Coefficient Based Approach for Faster Glare Prediction from Simulations
S. Subramaniam, R. Mistrick

Using Luminance to Supplement Current Illuminance-Based Design Codes for Design of Efficient Luminous Environments
H. Cai, E. Mahoney

Evaluating Mean Room Surface Exitance
A. J. Espina, C. Bernecker, R. Mintz

Papers – Session VI

Tunable Lighting in a NICU and Behavioral Health Unit – A Look at the Research
A. Wilkerson, S. Safranek

A Laboratory Method for Measuring the Heat Distribution of Luminaires and Its Application for Building Heating and Cooling Energy Savings
H. Cai, H. Li

A Case Study Comparison of Energy Savings and Occupant Comfort for a Luminaire Level Lighting Controls One-For-One Replacement in an Open-Office Environment
A. Mahic, J. Kline, D. Northcutt, K. Van Den Wymelenberg

Papers – Session VII
Light Source CCT and Visual Performance in Roadways – An Investigation
R. Gibbons, R. Bhagavathula, P. Lutkevich

Should We Illuminate Areas Adjacent to the Roadway? The Need for Surround Ratios in the Age of LEDs
R. Bhagavathula, R. Gibbons, P. Lutkevich

The Influence of Color Temperature along with Illuminance on Subjective Impressions in Lighting
C. Bernecker, L. Austen, S. Casey, M. Cheng, C. Samudio, E. Mathew, M. Paul, J. Collier, I. Ahn, M. Velez

How Light Affects Orientational Decision-making
X. Peng, C. Bernecker, R. Mintz

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