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Interior Lighting Design is an intermediate level face-to-face learning program designed for those who wish to improve their knowledge of quality indoor lighting from an application viewpoint. The program builds upon the basic concepts introduced in Lighting Fundamentals with a focus on people and the artistic side of lighting. Designed to be delivered in eight 2-3 hour sessions at the section level, it is ideal for those who are in any aspect of application design. It is recommended that the participant have already completed Lighting Fundamentals. Participants who complete the Interior Lighting Design Series are eligible for 16 IES Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). Contact your local IES Section or an IES approved lighting education center for participation in the intermediate seminar series.

Student Materials include:

  • Vision and Color Student Handouts, SEM-9-11
  • Light Sources and Auxiliary Devices Student Handouts, SEM-11-14
  • Solid State Lighting Sources & Systems Student Handouts, SEM-TM-16-17
  • Solid State Lighting Sources & Systems Standard, TM-16-17
  • The Lighting Design Process Background Information, SEM-12-12
  • The Lighting Design Process Student Handouts, SEM-12-12
  • Daylighting Background Information, SEM-6-11
  • Daylighting Student Handouts, SEM-6-11
  • Office Lighting Student Handouts, SEM-RP-1-12
  • Office Lighting Standard, RP-1-12
  • Library Lighting Student Handout, SEM-RP-4-13
  • Library Lighting Standard, RP-4-13
  • Light and Health Student Handout, SEM-7-11

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Publisher: Illuminating Engineering Society (2018)
SKU: ILD Course Set-18
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